Laser Cutting & 3d Print Services

We run a selection of laser cutters and 3D printers to bring a 3D model out of the digital world into reality.

Our team specialize in, what we refer to as "Digital unpacking"  - The art of interpreting a digital model and readying it for print or as a laser-cut on one of our machines.

We offer a full range of 3D-to-print packages that can suit any project, material and artist.
As every build is different, together we will take a look at your files, and find a service that suits you best.



Basic print or cut service.

Do you just need a raw print? Some material cut out to size?
Your 3D model's good to go? You've done this before it seems!

If you know your files are formatted right, and are ready to cut or print, we can have your pieces on a machine in no time at all.

Your basic print or cut will have your pieces ready for you to continue finishing yourself, hot off the machine, in whatever raw material you choose.




Sometimes things just don't work right the first time. Even the greatest 3D modellers will  find that their model has a little error sometimes. This means that if left unfixed our machines can get creative and create for you a piece of modern art, rather then the piece you were after...

No need to worry! If you don't have the time to make the fix yourself, or have bigger fish to fry, we have a team available to cleanup your 3D model and give it the finishing touch.

Once we have your 3D model cleaned up and ready to go, we will get your piece printed or cut and get it to you exactly the way you intended for you to finish yourself.


The "full finish" service

3D prints and laser cut items are amazing, but will always need a little work by hand to truly make them impressive!

Once a print or cut is complete we can take your piece to a full finish for you.

Removing any print supports, giving the piece a hand sand, or perhaps even a full paint, we can take care of the finishing for you.

Just let us know what result you are after and we can take care of all the manual labor for you.