We believe that every job is unique, and with that, each design process should be too.

Ever seeking to disrupt traditional production workflows, our broad background of expertise has allowed us to innovate novel and exciting methods of creation tailored to suit your project.



A character? a location? a product or even a fantastical creature? Our artists work together with our client to realize their vision and bring their project to life.




Our team’s unique expertise includes highly accurate and product focused CAD modelling. Tailored to your unique requirements, we can take your napkin sketch through to a material and lighting accurate ‘concept render’, or all the way through to a ready for fabrication 3D model completely in house!

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We are constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what a model ‘production pipeline’ should look like. Using cutting edge photogrammetry tools and software, our team has developed the ability to turn your prized sculpture or miniature model, into a highly accurate 3D model. This allows you to archive, manipulate, scale, or replicate your model within the 3D environment, saving you time and labour!