Miniatures are our thing.

Portraying an entire world with all the realities of light, age, gravity and those little details that make a place feel real is something we love to do.

The Scale Studios miniatures team formed after working together on the "Thunderbirds Are Go!" television series and the film "Blade Runner 2049" and we are now the largest operational miniatures build and shoot team in the south pacific.

So far to date, we have committed over 200+ miniature models and sets to camera in film, television and advertising.

Visual effects Miniatures

Miniatures are a powerful tool in the visual effects arsenal. Complimented with modern technology, miniatures are fast becoming more accessible then ever. From small scale productions to Hollywood blockbusters, miniature effects sequences have never been so affordable and user friendly. We can put together a package to suit any project, right through from design to delivery of the final footage.



We also create display models for businesses, advertising, and artists who believe in the power of a physical piece on display.


Design Maquette

A small scale Maquette has been a tool of the designer for thousands of years. Architects and designers commission scaled down versions of their pieces to convey look and feel and in turn inform a practical build phase.