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Who are we?

Scale Studios is a team of designers, miniature effects artists, film industry stalwarts, prop-makers, sculptors, and creative problem solvers from all backgrounds.

We share a love of storytelling and practical effects artistry.
The place where these two merge is where we ply our craft.

In an era of digital advances, we employ techniques developed by the masters of the past and re-invigorate them with modern, digital technologies. We have developed new and innovative approaches in storytelling, manufacturing and visual effects where there is no "digital vs practical"- instead a harmonious blend of the two working together to reach our goals.

Our aim is to bring projects to life, create memories, and build relationships with others who share our passion.

You can talk to us anytime about how we can contribute to your project. We look forward to any challenge you have for us, whatever the scale.

- The team, Scale Studios